Got this attached to my package from the MotherShip the other day. Cool Huh? I suspect Anna was the artist but as of now it is still a mystery.

I often like to have a soundtrack for working. This song from Gnarls Barkley has been stuck in my head lately. Very Cool video as well. It starts off better than it ends but I like it. Sorry for the Ad at the beginning but that’s YouTube not me.

Wish I could dance like that.

As usual life is ripping by at the speed of life, faster if that’s at all possible. This week came roaring in, good weather brings crazy business, sneaking in early morning and late evening rides as well. I am not complaining just riding the wave.

I did have a chance to throw a stick in the spokes and slow down. this was achieved by accepting an invitation to go to the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ. For many years I have driven past those massive Red and Blue heads on 295 and never knew that they represented more than just some roadside art.

The place is really cool. It is on the old Trenton State Fairgrounds. Seward Johnson of Johnson and Johnson fame/wealth established it as a place for people to experience art/sculpture. And probably to have a place to showcase his cool lifelike sculptures.

As you drive in there are pieces along the road to pique your interest. Once inside the landscaping combined with different pieces is well worth it. I walked around for hours and didn’t begin to see the whole place. I will definitely be back to explore more. Here are a few things I did see.

This is a life size recreation of a painting. A Monet I think. I’m not an art historian but it was cool.

Thought this was really cool. It looks like she is crying. If you ignore the fact that it is bird poop its neat. Or maybe she’s crying because a bird pooped on her.

These are the biggest Lily pad’s I have ever seen. Just part of the cool landscaping.

If you have a chance to go DO IT! If your close by, make time it really is worth it. Maybe it will let you stop and slow down for a bit too.

Since this is supposed to be a bicycle related exercise I present this very clever way to sell a bicycle. Saw this on Facebook and I had to repost. This is the heading for a Craigslist Ad to sell a used bike in Toronto.

Divorcing my almost NEW Giant XTC 2” It’s funny, click HERE to read the whole thing. And let this serve as a reminder not to take incriminating photographs.

I know many of my brethren will be heading to the Jersey shore for the weekend. Early on I wrote about the show Jersey Shore, and I am glad to say that I still haven’t seen a moment of it. Don’t let the show tarnish your image of the fine people who vacation here. This video already did that years ago. This is one classy group of people.

Scary huh?

Since we are heading into a holiday weekend here in the U.S of A. I most likely will not be posting on Monday since I will be nursing a headache from fireworks and firewater.

Hasta la Bye-Bye