I know it’s Friday not Wednesday but it’s appropriate to quote Jerry Reed from the song made infamous by the cinematic masterpiece Smokey and the Bandit, because “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there“.

So play this as your soundtrack as you spend a few moments of your life that you will never get back marveling at the prose that is thrown up here for all to see on the worldwide interweb.

It is my opinion that this movie alone did more for the popularity of the Trans Am than anything. What red-blooded Merican boy didn’t want that car? That was one hot machine. Then you pair that movie up with Hooper. Oh Man The Trans Am had it made.

Hooper could be the best worst movie ever. I vividly remember Burt getting that horse to “Caca” in Jan Michael Vincent’s car. My humor hasn’t progressed further than that because even the mental image still cracks me up.

For a clinical over analyzation of this fine piece of cinema check HERE.

Last night there were some serious clouds in the sky. They blew in new weather and change. To use a blatantly obvious segue these “winds of change” signified a “storm brewing”

I wanted to not comment on FloydGate any further but I JUST CANT. This storm that he has started seems to be bringing down alot of people.

Cyclingreporter.com is reporting that The Bahati Foundation is shutting down it’s racing program. Cyclingnews.com is reporting that Landis and The Bahati Foundation are parting ways, and that Floyd is taking OUCH with him as a sponsor. This is going to leave alot of good people without sponsorship and support in the middle of the season if the team shuts down. The Lehigh Valley’s Bobby Lea is someone that comes to mind. A genuine nice guy, hard working cyclist that doesnt deserve to be put in a bad spot because Floyd suddenly feels the need to lift the guilt from his shoulders.

I understand the need to come clean. Even if it is after spending a ton of his own and the public’s money to do so. What I don’t understand is dragging everyone else down in the process. This behavior is most likely why the general sentiment around Floyd can be summed up by this picture.

Photo by Jake Orness

As popular as Burt was for the Trans Am, Floyd Seems to be doing the polar opposite for Bike Racing currently.

I had the chance to go to a Genuine Pro Road Race on Wednesday Night. The Base Camp International in Basking Ridge. This race is put on by my MAN CRUSH Greg Cordasco owner of Liberty Cycle in Basking Ridge NJ. Greg does a ton for cycling and enjoys a good race. He has a WICKED sprint as well. When he get those Ham-Hocks churning look out he’s most likely first over the line.

Photo by Manuel Couto. That there’s Greg.

While the Roadie’s were going fast doing laps. Chris Clark was over performing MTB stunts to impress the crowd.

Photo Sherb Naulty.

If you look in the background I’m the joker with his fist in the air. They made the mistake of putting the microphone in my hand.

You can see Chris in action HERE I am the big mouth in the background. They started the video just when I had spotted Lambo, and started goin into uncontrollable fits of saying Lambo, Lambo, Lambo. He just brings that out.

Enjoy the long Memorial Day Weekend if you are a U.S of A reader. If you are from across the pond, down under or wherever else the interweb reaches enjoy the weekend as well. Ride your bike, have fun. I do believe that my particular brand of fun will involve riding curly bar bikes in Robin Hood tights and dropping down a mountain after going up in a chairlift on one of these. Although these activities will take place at different times.