Let’s face it any time I get a chance to use a Smokey and the Bandit reference I do.

I was going to use “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” but that is just depressing to listen to.

Today’s Smokey reference pertains to my fundraising goal for the Young Survival Coalition’s Tour de Pink.  I will be riding from Philadelphia to Washington DC starting this Friday and as Jerry Reed says I have a long way to go to raise money.

This will be my third Tour de Pink.  I believe wholeheartedly in this organization.  The work that they do to support women under the age of 40 who get diagnosed with breast cancer is admirable, and the women are humbling to say the least.

Please take a moment and click over to my fundraising page HERE.  Donate as little or as much as your wallet will allow.  I still have $1,440 dollars to go.



However you want to phrase it.  If you scroll down to the last post or click HERE there are details on how you can win an ELECTRA OM Bicycle.  You get one chance to win for $10 and three chances to win for $25.  That would be six chances for a $50 donation or 12 chances for a $100 donation.  I’m pretty good at math.

I have written extensively about the organization.  For a little perspective here are a few links.

This was written about a founding member of the YSC Randi Rosenberg.

This was in memory of my friend Michelle Weiser and frankly brought a tear to my eye re-reading.

The good people at Roam Life wrote this article on Noel Knecht.  A woman I am proud to call my friend. 

This guest post from Natasha Wieschenberg is the article on my site that has received the most traffic.  And for good reason.  

Now with all of these good reasons.  How could you not donate some money?  I am sure you know someone affected.  Consider paying it forward. So you don’t have to scroll back to the top my link to donate is HERE.

I sincerely appreciate it.  The women you are helping appreciate it.  It WILL help change someone’s life.