This pic doesnt suck, and has nothing to do with this post.

I was at Planet Bike NJ today and talking to Dave Gnar. He showed me a video trailer that he has been working on. It got me to thinking about all of the talented people that I know. Not pro’s but riders. I surfed around and found some good SHTUFF. Check it out. First up Daves trailer.

BREAKING FREE GR2 VIDEO TRAILER from Dave Gnar Raffa on Vimeo.

That stair gap is hella cool!

I like to break Ray’s junk, only cuz he can take it. He gets teased relentlessly but he is a rider. Ray works at Bicycle Pro in the Dirty Jerzee. Here’s to you Pro-Stalker.

Just cuz Ray is 80 pounds of awesome in a 20 pound bag we’ll get a double dose.

My fellow bike peddler at Giant Jeff Stephens has one super talented kid. This is the next generation.

Watertown Skatepark from ryan stephens on Vimeo.

While I am talking about my brethren at Giant I would be remiss not to mention Jeremy. Him and his boys can throw down. Check him out at Liquid Dirt.

Intergalactic Wild Thing from Jeremy Combs on Vimeo.

Jeremy figures he’s been playing too much DJ Hero. He may be right. Anyone who shows up to a mtn ride dressed like Mike D from the Beasties deserves respect.

Perusing Jeremy’s site reminded me that I need to give a shout out to Jake. Jake is the Giant company photographer. Without Jake I wouldnt have any current pic’s of me riding. Like this one.

And this one

Work hard Play Hard.

Now this video may start off being narrated by Jeff Lenosky, but the reason I am posting it is that there are a couple of shots of John Nicholson. John Is Co-Owner of Cycle Works in Stanhope Joisee. He also happens to be one HELL of a good rider and Mechanic. If Lenosky trusts him to wrench on his bike than you can too. I do.

Stacey has a full time job, is a mom and still found time to put this website together. Why did she do it? Because she loves cycling. Nuff Said!

Do you have any good Pics or good videos? Send em to me I will post em up.

Now this isn’t from anyone I know.

For years I thought that Rosie O’Donnell was over rated. The only funny thing I remember her saying from back in the day that was funny was

“Golf is not a sport, Golf is men in ugly pants walking.”

Then I saw this. I have to admit that this is FUNNY.