This forecast added to the rain we have had is going to equal mud this weekend.  I’d bet a nickel on it I’m that sure.

Aside from the ungodly start time of 8:30 AM for the killer C’s (Thanks FatMarc) I am most stoked to be running the kid’s races this weekend.

I watched Marc do such a capable job at Charm City I couldn’t resist volunteering do it this weekend.  Dude just looked to be having a genuine good time.

Skinny FatMarc ran straight from his race to run the kid’s race.  Note to self wear my helmet it apparently can get pretty brutal out there.

The Delaware cycling community has had a rough couple of weeks.  It pains to think about people in their prime dying, leaving family and small children behind.   I wonder if Marc is a hugger, cuz I just wanna give him a big hug.  I sure as hell don’t know what to say.

In almost as exciting news as Mud and kid’s races it is apparently Tour de France time again.

This looks like a Tour I could win.  And I’ll take a beer hand-up from that sassy lass anyday.  UCI be damned.
Most of my “training” these past two weeks has been teaching my daughter to drive.  If that doesn’t get your heart rate up nothin will.

10 & 2
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Have fun out there LRHG.