The Velorambling Team

Gary Thornton, Chief Rambler, Principal

Gary has been riding bikes since he could walk. His first job in the bicycle industry was at the age of 18 working for a renowned frame builder in Philadelphia. That job paved the way for a career in the cycling industry, which has included sales, marketing, and even supporting professional teams at some of the most prestigious races in the world.

Janine Carroll, Redheaded Rambler, Operations

Janine is a cycling enthusiast with a passion for ringing cowbells, riding bikes, and writing about them. In addition to working with Velorambling, she is the principal at Chelsea Communications, a PR and Marketing agency for lifestyle and outdoor brands and services.

Janine is a graduate of Temple University and Portland State University. When not working or riding, she loves time with her rescue dog Reilly and supporting her favorite charity bike ride, the Tour de Pink.

Reilly, Rescued Rambler

Reilly is the team dog and likes cyclocross races, lure coursing, and keeping the team on their toes.

Eric Lepping, Tallest Rambler, IT & Website Design

Eric has had a life-long love affair with bikes.  Eric spent the late 80s and early 90s working with and running professional teams. Since then, he has been on the staff of most of the biggest races in the US.
Eric is the principal of SherpaLab, a web design and online marketing agency. He’s also responsible for the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic website and online marketing.

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